We are a close-knit team that offers you a great scuba diving experience. Teaching is our passion. Teaching and accompanying divers is our responsibility. We have decided to deal with this  in the best of ways, choosing a syllabus that guarantees safety, reliability and quality, namely "PADI", a syllabus recognized  world-wide that will allow you to participate in dives in every corner of the world. We like the motto FROM GREAT POWER DERIVES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY, but we add also, great satisfaction, because if you are with the right, reliable people, you only think about having fun and admiring the fantastic wonders of the submerged world!


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Ivaldo, Aldo and Giada Sassarini
Scuba trainers

Ivaldo, Aldo and Giada Sassarini are the founding associates of the "Associazione Diving 5 Terre". They are underwater guides with decades of experience, and can boast to have guided divers from all over the world of every age, always obtaining a positive response. The Sassarinis are people who love the sea, and who live for it 365 days a year. The union of these forces is not only the sum of experience, but assumes a higher value for the divers, whether novices or experts.


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Antonio Scherma (Open Water Instructor PADI)

Former diver Italian Navy

Antonio Scherma, a diver for the Italian Navy, has to his credit countless dives and boasts important experience abroad that has brought him into contact with the different realities of professional scuba diving. His teaching experience is enhanced by specific training for teaching teenagers who, in large numbers with him, have learned to love and to respect the sea.